You know you are an international student at Lamar when …

  1. Finding the FIA facebook group becomes next big deal after applying at Lamar
  2. Taking a selfie with the ducks at the pond gives you the actual feeling of being in America
  3. Park your car in front of Kampur Korner and Education first bank since you don’t have campus parking.
  4. Confident that, Ms Linda (for students who came before Fall 2014) actually knows you by your name.
  5. Know the importance of uploading the assignment 10 minutes before its due.
  6. The only time you need your campus ID card is to enter the gym
  7. Getting an on-campus job is as exciting as getting a US visa
  8. Open book exam is an absolutely unbelievable and new thing for you
  9. Curse the cook at TAZ Indian Cuisine by believing you can cook better than them
  10. La Salsita is the favorite hotspot for first semester before you find Taco Bell
  11. Posting photos of mexican food on facebook
  12. Post on FIA for rides even before you get licensed to drive without LOFS21 restriction
  13. Multiply everything with backhome currency rate before buying anything (60 for Indians)
  14. Very regular in checking blacboard in the first semester
  15. First trip to walmart is the most exciting
  16. Bird watching at the gym and tennis stadium s more important than actual burning calories
  17. Secretly going to library to ask Kirk Smith for a job than actually studying
  18. Underground relations with graders
  19. Taking a ride to Gurudwara on Sunday for free lunch
  20. Walk to the church on Wednesday for free Pizza
  21. Only go once to Montagne Center to watch the American Football and post a picture on facebook
  22. Riding in the Lamar shuttle to buy grocery is the toughest thing ever
  23. Feel that Black Friday and Thanksgiving is the only best thing to save money
  24. Collect points on Amazon to buy items
  25. Splitwise is the next big thing after your checking account
  26. Buying gifts before going to India from ROSS and Burlington and removing sale tags
  27. Only after coming to Lamar you get to know that it never snows in Beaumont
  28. Amazed to know that cellphones are allowed in exams but not in cinemas
  29. Only go to Library to take print-outs

My review on recent flipkart failure

Amazon being a successful online & most trustworthy marketplace leader in the US will eventually bury Flipkart, yesterday’s failure is just a trailer. I see the products I might have bought in India are very cost effective and on faster shipping speed at than on flipkart. If I was owner of flipkart, I would have proposed a merger of flipkart and

In past few days I have learnt & observed that a big whale in business always gallops the small fishes when they come in direct competition.


Confidence according to dictionary is “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed something.”

While flying from Paris to Houston I have been thinking about a question someone asked me via a message on facebook “how to become like me”. This post might be just an answer to that fellow or just an impression of my inner-conscience and past.

I have a nickname from my undergrad in India – “kanoon mantri” which means law minister in Indian languages :D

The questions that arise to my mind are, how I am what makes me today? After thinking for some while, many incidents are flying through my eyes and ears. One of them is when I was at the age of 3, my mother tells me during my LKG admission entrance exam (lower kinder garden) in school I was so confident that I went running to give the exam though I was not well prepared. I don’t remember anything about that incident, but I can make a clear perception of what my thinking & personality might be then :)

Other things that makes me believe to bring confidence a part of my life: the small yet important things that my father used to tell me when I was mere 9 or 10 years old. Some of them were going to telephone exchange and tell the officers to repair the telephone line; but when the junior employees did not deal my grievance properly, I on my own got to know what General Managers and Appellate Authorities were supposed to do in an organization. That was when I learnt what “customer satisfaction” and grievance cells practically meant even though I had no idea about those terms theoretically at that age.

Another incident that I can recall was a mass plantation drive that I conducted while I was a sophomore (3rd year). It was a fresh new yet an exciting experience to meet government officials who deal with district forestry experience. My mentor and my very good friend, Navdeep Asija just guided me over the phone in which office to go and what steps to follow. In reality it was a cumbersome process (its almost same in every government office of India as of now), but that day made me learn enough things to build up something in my personality. Between these two incidents have been endless activities. At a glance the big ones were an incident at Delhi International Airport, A manned railway crossing unattended at time of running train & a road accident.

Latest incident that was a success is result of my past experiences. It was regarding shifting of a pole in front of my home that was about to be installed where my parents are planning to install a new gate so more cars could be parked inside our home. The entire process was accomplished in 2 days which included meeting senior most officers of PSPCL, some phone calls and physical presence as well :)

In a nutshell, I can conclude that more and exposure to the society and administrational stuff brings a lot change and proper utilization of human energy which can definitely result a proper contribution towards society in future of any person.

I am not yet a parent or even a spouse but I have a strong recommendation for the young parents that must accompany their wards to workplaces, any new business venture or might be a conference that might be completely out of your ward’s interest; but believe me your child will surely learn something that will stamp in his mind. Till this age I have learnt that traveling, adventure and exposure is the biggest natural teacher to any person.

Dear friend, I hope this thing might have answered some of your questions. Let the cause of your life be noble, don’t expect any success or fame but start and keep working on something that you think certainly needs a change. Good luck!

Use Singh / Kaur as Surname on Indian passport

Many like me might be facing several problems with an empty Surname tab on the passport with Singh / Kaur in given name itself. To resolve this issue you need to adopt following steps and patience, the entire process takes maximum of 2 or 3 days:

  1. Make an affidavit as per Annexure E of passport application form stating name change. Example I made an affidavit stating change of name from “Gurmehar Singh to Singh Gurmehar”.
  2. Approach two newspaper offices and get the notification published giving photocopy of the affidavit and get published in English only. Example “I Gurmehar Singh s/o Amarjit Singh resident of Guru Nanak Avenue, Hoshiarpur have changed my name to Singh Gurmehar.”
  3. Take online appointment for reissue of passport from at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra and submit your documents. Don’t forget to carry your current passport, metric certificate, affidavit of name change and original copies of newspaper.

The re-issue passport will be delivered to your address and police verification will be held after delivery.

* All visas on current passport stay valid.

Youth Power

Youth around the world has two attributes – Energy and Idealism.
All it needs is a good leader to channelize these attributes.

An example – Water has enough power to spread in any direction; if its passed through a pipe it will reach its destination in time, and without any loss. Same is with youth if our leaders determines our strengths and provides proper platform, education and work environment; every nation will glow.

When I amended a quote by Gandhi

Exhausted by seeing a person supporting an avaricious personality on social media, I posted a status update “If you witness a crime (corruption, murder, rape, dacoit) and do not report and react; that’s a bigger crime. Don’t be a timid; react before it’s too late. Be the “positive” change you want to see in the world.”

Here I added a word “positive” to the famous quote by Gandhi which is also part of my signature of every email I compose.

As the word limit is limited in the comments on facebook, I decided to use my blog to broadcast the few suggestions for my friends and colleagues “How you can be the part of change?”

  1. Say No to bribe. Neither give; nor take
  2. Call the cops when you see something happening against the law
  3. Save someone’s life by calling the ambulance if you see a road accident
  4. Suppress the corruption in government offices by self investigation by filing RTI
  5. Complaint for change, even if it is worth someone’s job. You can see two examples here: a) At the Airport b) Northern Indian Railways
  6. Object the person who litters and volunteer to pick up and throw it in dustbin

These are just some examples, this list could go endless depending on what “change” you want to bring in the society and what thing bothers you at the end of day. It might be female feticide, climate change, dowry, cruelty towards animals, deforestation, adulteration, drugs; anything!

Your thoughts should come into action to bring the “positive” change. Life is too short, live your dreams; do something in life to make this planet a better place to live in.